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::Recently had a talk with my wife about stuff. She started reading the book “Weird” by Craig Groeschel, while I am reading/listening to “Crazy Love” by Francis Chan. They almost go hand in hand. They talk about how as a society, and as humans in America, we have become so self sustaining that we no longer have or feel the need for God. It shows in everything that we do. 
::I recently took that convo forward to my worship teams regular thursday night bible study before practice, where I brought up theses points. It rocketed us into a discussion about how we have learned to “trust” but not “depend” on God for things in our lives. 
::Here are the 3rd definitions from for the words Trust and Depend. Now you tell me where you’re at and where you think the christian world is at, as well as the secular world. 

 Trust: confidence in the certainty of future payment for property or goods received; credit: to sell merchandise on trust.

Depend : to be conditioned or contingent (usually followed by on  or upon ): His success here depends upon effort and ability.

::I fall under the catagory of Trust:( it’s pretty easy and find I stuble upon when needed) and Dependance: (need it when i need it.) It’s pretty sad. It’s pretty much rocked my world, from a christian stand point. Asking myself, how have I become so self sustaining that my god has become everything that “I” have wanted him to be, instead of my God pursing my heart, pushing me where to go, putting me into situations that make me “depend” on him, and knowing that my life can’t be right if my dependance doesn’t come from Him.
My desire is for my heart to depend on God, and not depend on what I want Him to do for me. That type of mindset is flowing into daily activities. I struggle with anger in my life, which spills over into my family times. I literally have to depend  on God’s power and strength to pull me up out of my selfish crap, and push me to a joy filled heart that brings life to my family. It’s hard, but when it’s what you “need”, you can make it happen. Just like everything we desire in the world, if we want it, we can usually get it in few days.
Trust isn’t bad, but dependancy, I believe, can bring a greater relationship with God, as well as becoming more “like” Christ, and becoming more intune with what He wants you to do.



::It’s what this world calls this generation.
1. having or showing little or no emotion: apathetic behavior.
2. not interested or concerned; indifferent or unresponsive: an apathetic audience.

::In a world all about “look what I can do”, I can see the point of view of and older generation not seeing the point of what we do and how we do it. I also see our point of view of, no one wants to teach us, we have to learn it for ourselves.
::This pushes me into the Church. In an older article of Worship Magazine, there was an article called “Why are they leaving?” by Francis Chan.  He talks about the desire of every generation when they go to church, wanting to experience God. “He’s more exciting than what we can offer. They can get good music at concerts and entertainment at the movies.” Francis says. When they come to church, they want to see and encounter God. Are we planning meetings that are so busy and overproduced that we crowd Him out? Are we so wrapped up in “how to create” that we forget the creator, and that nothing is new under the sun? If we create such a “culture” to show people Jesus, we can completely miss the authentic move that God wants to create and have in every single one of us.
::”What if you had never heard of “church”. What if you were walking in for the first time? Is what you’re showing, something that makes sense to the “American church attenders” Francis says, or is it something that’s based off biblical narrative”?
:: God longs for us to be as one, and that the church’s unity would be how the rest of the world would recognize the God sent Jesus (john 17:20-26)
::When was the last time you just stood in awe, in church. The last time you could truly stand there and say, God just moved, Gods Holy Spirit was just here and moved in the room. Honestly most of us wouldn’t recognize it if it actually was here and moved in us. Would even I recognize it?  I think we rely too much on flesh, instead of the broken flesh that was layed before us.
::I was in a meeting the other day, we were talking about Easter. The point was brought up that most people don’t see a reason to need a savior. There couldn’t  be a more powerful statement said at that time. That’s what we need to show. The authenticity that says, this is truly what and who God is. Not a culture of what could be. Not everyone will accept it, but it’s authentically shown, for you to make a true and honest decision whether you want it or not. Don’t let your desires for something take control of the stuff God told you to do.
::How do we change this? Well don’t blame others for the conditions of the church. “And don’t let leaders blame followers. God wasn’t satisfied when Adam blamed Eve of when Eve blamed the serpent.” says Francis….Wow, did you catch that powerful statement?  lol
::Francis Chan gives a couple great points
    1. Start with what you can control. You can’t control God, and you can’t make people break bread everyday and sell their possessions like the early churches.
    2. You can lay down “yourself” and everything you have, to support anyone in need, and anyone in pain, and hurt.
    3. As a leader who your church, that you mean what you say, and you do what you preach.
    4. Jesus is the only reality that can be relied upon to reach the next generation.
    5. one of my points, It’s the Wisdom of the Old, and the Passion of the Young. Don’t hate on a generation that doesn’t do traditions that were built on mans word and not something God ordained. But teach us the wisdom, and knowledge that led to success that you have had with God.

Worship Leader Magazine Sept. 08 “why are they leaving”:: Thanks for the teaching Francis Chan

:: God loves unity in His church. So, the next time you come to worship his name, figure out how to stand in awe of his presence. And it’s our job to lead you to that place.
::Church means well, but I think we need to think outside of “our” box and inside “God’s Box” a little bit more.


::About 6-8 months ago God gave me a sweet and awesome vision of a Worship/Prayer night for our church. Soon, that vision with hopefully become fulfilled. This is been an ongoing vision, that has developed through the months. It’s starting to take shape, have meaning, and show fruit.  I pitched it to one of my mentors, he loved it, but thought i should wait on it. I’m glad he did, now it has kind of soaked in to my heart, and catapulted me into even more than just this night I want to do.
:: I want to call it Love City, because it stems from having the desire to make an impact our city, using the things that each one of us are naturally good at, showing love. (well what we could be secretly good at)  I havn’t fully decided on that name, just something that came to me. So, tell me if you don’t like it or have something better.
:: It’s a night dedicated to what God literally wants us to do, right then, right there, at that moment to impact our community. If God wants us to stop and raise $400 for a shelter downtown that will close their doors, we will find that money and walk it down. Things like that. We will fill it with amazing praise and worship, because that’s what were good at. At the moment God gives us something to pray, a cause to raise money for, something to dwell on, or even action outside the walls, we will slow down and do that thing.We want to see things physically change, not just thinking about how good it would be, but actually doing things. Our goal is to reach, not just think. It’s better to show people who and what God actually is, than to show them “what could be.” It involves, leadership to be so in tune with God, and willing to do what he calls, for this thing to work. Everyone says, so like Seek and Soak? Kind of, but with a revival feel heavily pushing most of it. Seek and Soak is a community of churches event. Love City would be a vision God has called Bettendorf campus to, at least, do. If our church was wiped off the face off the map, how would it effect the community?
::” There has never been a spiritual awakening in any country or locality that did not begin in united prayer” -A.T. Pierson
:: I want to see that true revival, with united prayer, one that makes bars close, people flock to “the church” and for people to see the real hope. We are already seeing fruit bearing, because we are praying for something that God wants us to pray for. So, I want to ask Him to do more.

copyright Matt Oberhaus

Love City



:: Each Saturday I get the privilege to meet with God, and pray for our city, the church, and the services. This Saturday started off no different. I had an experience like none other while I was praying before the services on Saturday. As I was praying, praying for our city, God touched my heart and let me feel an emotion that I had never felt before. It was so different that I could only explain it in words I knew existed, pure joy. It felt like what I was praying was so in line with what God wanted that he let me experience the pure joy of truly being with him, and not just next to Him. I got so distracted by it, I forgot what exactly I was praying. I hope this happens again. I feel like I just had a glimpse of His amazing power. We as a church can benefit from these awesome times we have with the Lord. Don’t hide things like that, these awesome experiences and catapult us into the throne, to be able to fully bring people to where we just were, remember that you can’t take someone somewhere that you’ve never been.
:: Think about that, are you struggling about your relationship with God, or are you nervous about sharing your faith, are you even struggling to read the Bible sometimes. Make sure your not just doing it every now and then, but doing faithfully every day. God can do what ever He wants, but he loves the faithful. I have those days where I have meetings in the morning, and “forget” to read His Word before hand, and those end up being some of the worst meetings ever. I forget to carry God in with me, where ever I’m going. My attitude shows it wide open, that I missed being with Him that morning.


Recently we started playing a song, “Give Me Faith” by Elevation Church (
Plain and simple. This song couldn’t be more epic. It’s so easy to sing, we’ve only sang it one week now, but our church is tweeting it, FB’ing it, and loving it. Theres something about an anointed song that grabs your soul and won’t let go.

The song popped up when I was praying for more vision for our Worship Arts Team here in Bettendorf. Saying, God there’s got to be a wall we’re hitting, it feels like we’re not moving forward, and what we’re doing isn’t taking us to that place anymore. Elevation pops up, and their desire to reach their city is amazing. I’ve always heard that a crazy number of the Quad Cities people don’t go to church, and 4% of our generation will be in church when they get older, and are now. There’s always been a stigma of this region that now one can figure out. The QCPC has grabbed that by the horns, and is trying desperately to figure it out. But there’s something about the “local church” that has a power. Something about the community of believers that God loves! And that’s where we as “the church” steps in.
I had began praying just strictly for our city, not for myself and selfish desires, but strictly that people literally across the street from our church building would walk up 200ft to be with God. That people would start flocking not just to our church, but the kingdom as a whole. So that, the word would be spread and God’s plan would be fulfilled.
I also had our WA team begin to pray on Thursday’s for about 30min, just on that subject. It’s been caarazzzy to see 2 weeks later, that 20 new people would arrive just at our campus alone. Coincidence, I highly doubt it.
It all begins in a small united prayer, that pleases God, and even if it’s just one person authenticly praying for the city, isn’t that enough God?

Don’t believe me? Look at the fruit that is bearing in other ministries as well. Statik had 2 new adult volunteers step up to say they want to invest. WA has had multiple people show interest, and some that will be joining the team. Go!Kids has almost a new helper every week.

Here’s the verse that has been giving me hope through this vision.
Psalm 46:4-6
4 There is a river whose streams make glad the city of God,
the holy place where the Most High dwells.
5 God is within her, she will not fall;
God will help her at break of day.
6 Nations are in uproar, kingdoms fall;
he lifts his voice, the earth melts.


I love vision. Basically with out it, you’re going everywhere. Vision allows you to be on a path, it directs you to a central destination. We have a series coming up in church called, I love my church. It’s “vision” spewed out in about 4 weeks. The great thing about it is, we are going to be able to look at what our Pastor is saying, align it with what we are doing in our ministries, and BAM, now your whole church is aligned and going the same direction. I’m going to love this series, and you should too! Check it out when it pops up!


Hey all, i’ll be startin to blog it up now…..that im pretty far behind everyone else. But i’ll try…